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Campsite Citadelle Brouage

Camping near the citadel
of Brouage

The Citadel of Brouage offers a most picturesque destination near the Flower Camping l’Abri-Côtier.

Rent bikes at reception and travel the 10 kms that separate us from one of the most beautiful villages in France !

Tourism citadel brouage

Visit Brouage

The path being grassy and flat, it is easy to walk on the ramparts that surround the acropolis. If you do not want to do the complete tour, there is the possibility of going back down into the city in several places.

The walk on the ramparts is accessible free of charge for the whole family and if you want to play explorers, a games booklet is available on

For a full afternoon, the treasure hunt of Terra Aventura “the stone star ” will also make you discover the secrets of Brouage.

Guided and dramatized tours are also offered by the tourist office to learn more about this fortified city, and a small tourist train welcomes visitors on a guided tour.

For these services it is advisable to book in advance at the campsite reception: 05 33 06 03 94.

A fortified city

The essentials of Brouage

  • The Food Hall, currently an exhibition space, was built in 1631 to store food, wine and cereals.
  • The church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul, with the monument to the memory of Samuel Champlain (born in Brouage, founder of Quebec City in 1608).
  • The cooler was a reserve of ice intended to preserve preparations made by apothecaries or as an anesthetic. It also allowed guests of the Governor’s Palace to enjoy delicious sorbets.
  • The ramparts of Brouage of more than 2 kms long and 11m high on average.
  • The Bike Museum to discover a unique exhibition in France that traces the history of cycling.
  • The ancient salt marshes are home to a very diverse ornithological fauna.

A bit of history

Port city for the salt trade in 1555, Jacopolis became Brouage when Henry III made it a royal city in 1578. The city reached its economic peak under the governance of Cardinal Richelieu who had the ramparts built by the best engineers of the kingdom of France.

The exploitation of Brouage salt took on an international dimension. The port became one of the most important in Europe for salt and supported a whole people (salt workers, sailors, fishermen, etc.). Its activity ended at the end of the 17th century.


The sea has receded, but the Citadel has succeeded in its conversion. With its ramparts more than two kilometers long, its oyster port, its designer and artisan shops and its many buildings steeped in history transformed into exhibition venues, it remains an ideal walking destination for the whole family.

This authentic village has retained its charm, which earned it in 2017 the inscription on the list of “Most Beautiful Villages of France”.

If you are looking for a campsite near Brouage, contact the campsite l’Abri-Côtier in Charente-Maritime on 05 46 84 81 65.

Consult + info on Brouage.

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