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The Lupin Fort

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Visit the Lupin Fort in Saint-Nazaire-sur-Charente. Built in the 17th century to control and defend access to the Rochefort Royal Dockyard, the fort is a perfect illustration of Vauban's talent. Just 15 min from the campsite by bike, it is a pleasant ride that you can extend out to the Lupin Fountain: ask us about routes at reception.

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The Lupin Fort is well preserved and can be visited (outside all year round and inside on Sundays in the summer season). Only the hoarding on the keep has disappeared. On your route, you will come across a bridge, a three level keep comprising a powder store and an arsenal on the ground floor, a chapel on the first floor and a hoarding on the top, two barracks divided into four bedrooms each, a guardroom, an oven and latrines...


If you are looking for a campsite close to the forts in Charente, please contact l’Abri-Côtier on +33 (0)5 46 84 81 65.


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