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Visit Ile Madame

Visit Île Madame, discreet
and mysterious

Discover Île Madame

During your stay at Flower Camping L’Abri-Côtier in Charente-Maritime, discover the unmissable and beautiful islands of Charente-Maritime. Île Madame offers great opportunities for visits and walks or bike rides.

Ile Madame is the smallest of the islands of the Charente coast since its area is 75 hectares. For comparison, the island of Aix is 1 1/2 times larger, the island of Ré 113 times larger and the island of Oléron more than 230 times larger.

It is accessible only at low tide, as for Mont St Michel, by a tombolo (coastal cordon of sediments connecting an island to the land) named “La Passe aux bœufs”.

This “pass” is bordered, on the right, by the Charente estuary and on the left by the bay Saint-Lancee. The island Madame is approached by the tip of Surgères, and, opposite, the island ends with the passe-aux-Filles.

Visits and activities to do in Île Madame

Madame is ideal for a day walk, in the old salt marshes, or take the coastal path that runs along the eastern facade of the island from where you can admire, between two squares, Fouras and the Charente coast. The island is also very popular for shore fishing.

Several sites are to be visited on the island : the Cross with pebbles which pays tribute to the martyred priests of the pontoons of Rochefort; the redoubt and conservatory of Fort de l’île Madame; The well of the insurgents.

You can also visit the aquaculture farm with the possibility of tasting (local products on sale at the reception of Camping l’Abri-Côtier).

If you are looking for a holiday rental near Ile Madame, or organize a nature weekend to discover a wild and preserved island, contact the Abri-Côtier at 05 46 84 81 65.

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