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La Corderie Royale

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The visit to Rochefort "New 17th Century Town" is a must-see during your camping holiday at the Abri-Côtier campsite in Charente-Maritime. Labelled "Town of Art and History", the maritime city offers a great opportunity for visits and walks.  After touring the town centre and its many monuments, visit La Corderie Royale rope-making factory.

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La Corderie Royale

Visit La Corderie Royale, national rope-making factory for navy ships until 1867. Visitors can find out all about Rochefort's top business since the 17th century through a museum route:

  • A film projection on the history of the rope making plant
  • The permanent "Rope-making and Cordage" exhibition and rope manufacturing demonstrations
  • A space devoted to the use of ropes on board ship, with a rigging workshop (navy knots).
  • The temporary exhibition 

The Maritime Dockyard

Visit the Rochefort Royal Dockyard built in the 17th century and admire its architecture, gardens and facilities.  Nowadays it is a very pleasant place to walk, picnic or take a bike ride.

The famous Charente-Maritime Dockyard used to hold 11 construction sites and 4 careening pools, forges, hangars, a large powder keg, sawmills, a cooperage, a foundry, general stores…


This is where hundreds of warships would be built: three-masts, three deck vessels, steam boats or wheel frigates and particularly "La Méduse" that left Rochefort on 17th June 1816 and whose shipwreck provided inspiration for Géricault.


You enter the dockyard by passing through the Sun Gate. During your visit, you will see certain stores, the shapes of dry docks, the reconstruction of l’Hermione and you can admire La Corderie Royale rope making factory and the magnificent Navy gardens including children's playgrounds.


If you are looking for a campsite close to Rochefort, please contact the Abri-Côtier on 05 46 84 81 65 to find out about availability.


Find out more about the Corderie Royale.

Take a look at the Rochefort tourist office website

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