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Le Marais Poitevin

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Explore the Marais Poitevin and cover the waterways of this Green Venice, a refuge for preserved flora and fauna.  Located 1 hour from the campsite, Marais Poitevin is a unique natural site in Europe offering a wide range of activities for its visitors.

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Explore the marshland by boat!

The Marais Poitevin stretches over 100 000 hectares. Essentially made up of dried marshes and wetlands, the Marais Poitevin has been labelled a "Great French site".


To explore the marsh's true wealth, get on board a traditional barge or ride your bike along the canals. You'll appreciate a pleasant ride and be surprised by the charming heritage of Marais Poitevin.

To see / to do:

  • Walk through the Aiguillon bay, paradise for birds and Bouchots mussels,
  • Boat trip through Green Venice, with a guide for discovery or unusual tours or without a guide for a real adventure,
  • Observe the many species of birds in the ornithological park: common eider, white-headed stilt, black capped avocet, red-breasted goose...,
  • Fishing in the marsh,
  • Visit animal parks such as Zoodyssée


If you are looking for a campsite close to the marais poitevin, contact Abri-Côtier on +33 (0)5 46 84 81 65 to book your holiday accommodations.


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