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La Palmyre Zoo

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During your stay at the campsite, give yourself a day full of surprises during a safari excursion to La Palmyre Zoo. You can book tickets directly at the campsite reception.


You will discover a real oasis preserved in the heart of a maritime pine and oak forest.

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From the campsite, discover a unique animal park!

The zoo stretches over 14 hectares and plunges you into the wonderful world of wild animals. During your visit, you will come across over 1500 wild animals from all over the world. Orang-utans from Borneo, African big cats, lemurs from Madagascar, rhinoceros, elephants from Asia, polar bears, giraffes, monkeys, flamingos, exotic birds and a whole host of other species are on display for visitors to enjoy.


The LA PALMYRE Zoo trip is an interesting excursion lasting around 4 hours.


A magical moment for all to share!

A pedagogic park

Much more than a family walk, just 3/4 hour from the campsite, La Palmyre zoo invites you on an educational journey that promotes animal diversity and the importance of ecosystems.
The zoo, classed among the largest in France, also plays a fundamental role in preserving endangered species. It works on a daily basis to improve the quality of life for its animals and raise awareness among visitors on looking after the environment.

Entertainment and shows

Make the most of the entertainment, shows and guided tours offered by the zoo team. The campsite will recommend going to the parrot and cockatoo show or even the Californian sea lions.  The Big Monkey area houses numerous gorillas, orang-utans and chimpanzees living freely in a 3 hectare space given over to them entirely.


Warning: For hygiene and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed in the zoo, not even on a leash. During your visit to the zoo, you can leave them at the Carrière Noires kennel 1/4 of an hour from the campsite.


Find out more about the zoo at La Palmyre


If you are looking for a  holiday rental close to La Palmyre, please contact the campsite on 05 46 84 81 65. 


Photo credits:© CMT17 A. BIRARD

 2022 Zoo Rates

You can book your tickets at the campsite reception to jump the queue (same rates as at the ticket office)


Adults: €19


Children (3 to 12 years old): €15



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