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Thermes de Rochefort Spa

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Make the most of your camping trip to enjoy a spa treatment at the Rochefort spa in Charente-Maritime.


Thermes de Rochefort Spa welcomes thousands of spa patients every year who come to make the most of the beneficial waters from the "Source l’Empereur" brimming with salt and iron, from 800m down. Analgesic, healing and anti-inflammatory, Rochefort's spa waters are excellent for your health.

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Thermal and therapeutic care

Rochefort offers a variety of care packages intended to treat or relieve rheumatism, thrombosis and eczema in adults and children. 3 week spa treatments or à la carte treatments, Thermes de Rochefort spa adapts to your needs and wishes.


On the programme: Kneipp Shower, multi-jet bath, spa water compress, walking passage, underwater massage, etc.

Thermes de Rochefort Spa is certified and your treatment is covered 

The spa water contains characteristics to treat certain pathologies. Some treatments may be covered by the health system and partly reimbursed. Find out more from your attending physician concerning spa treatment prescriptions.


Find out more about our special offer for spa patients.

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