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The general store

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Run out of toothpaste or coffee? Don't panic!


The general store and small boutique can come to the rescue (in July & August).


No need to get the car out!

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Holidaymakers can find a large choice of groceries on site: tinned food, seasoning, drinks (family sized), cleaning and personal hygiene products.


For breakfast, you can also buy fresh bread and pastries (in season).


For your meals, you can fill your basket (choice of ready-prepared salads, sandwiches and hot pasta) and choose from a selection of Local Charente wines and Pineau des Charentes...


Opening hours in july & august: 8.00 am to 12.45 am - 5pm to 9pm


Local information:


  • 800m from Abri-côtier, a greengrocer sells fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • 4 km from the campsite, there is an Intermarché supermarket for more extensive shopping expeditions.

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