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Ile d'Oléron

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Explore new horizons on the luminous Ile d'Oléron all in the space of a day! Hikes and strolls, heritage, swimming and water sports...., Ile d'Oléron offers a wide range of leisure activities in a natural and wild environment. 

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From the campsite, take the (free) Ile d'Oléron bridge - the third longest bridge in France - via Brouage to discover this magnificent island.

Visits and tourist attractions on Ile d'Oléron, the largest French island on the Atlantic coast 

Oléron offers lovely walks and visits. Its varied landscapes alternate between lush forests, dunes and salt marshes to hikers' great delight. Explore the bird marshes in Dolus, the Port des Salines in Grand-Village by taking the bike tracks or the walking routes.


Marennes-Oléron has also been able to promote its architectural heritage combining fortresses, maritime monuments, religious buildings and typical local architecture. Apart from Fort Boyard (of which you get a superb view from the Boyarville or Saumonards beaches), the Château-d'Oléron citadel and the Chassiron lighthouse are not to be missed.

The beaches

Ile d'Oléron is home to many fine sandy beaches suitable for swimming, lounging in the sun or enjoying water sports. The blue flag, beaches monitored by life guards are popular amongst children, giving their parents some peace! Come and make the most of early July: the beaches are quiet and it is easier to park.


Among our favourite, Boyardville and Saint Denis beaches are family friendly although a little busy in August. Saumonards beach is also very pleasant when you come by bike from Sauzelle.

We love:

Lounging around the port at Boyardville or la Côtinière, exploring St-Pierre d'Oléron, the Château d’Oléron, les Sables Vigniers, visiting the Fort Royer oyster farm, relaxing at the Iléo water park, gathering shellfish at low tide at the foot of the viaduct...


If you are looking for a campsite close to Oléron, please contact Abri-Côtier on +33 (0)5 46 84 81 65 to book your stay.


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Photo credits:© CMT17 A. BIRARD, M. SCATTOLIN, E. COEFFE


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